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3 shifts in ageing: active stakeholders, connected data and new business models

I gave a presentation to the Care Quality Commission on Monday about some ‘disruptive’ ideas on the future of ageing. Obviously lots going on, so the hard thing is to come up with 3 topics rather than 33. Anyway, in the end I outlined three big shifts relating to individuals (becoming active stakeholders), technology (emerging valuable connected data) and business models (shifting from handouts).  Comments and ideas welcome.

From passive recipients to active stakeholders

  • Older adults as ‘CEOs’ of their own health and contributors to society
  • Aspirational brands combine form with function

From paper siloes to valuable connected data

  • New data sets (e.g. IoT, Smart Cities) provide more holistic longitudinal insights
  • AI increasingly used for prediction, prevention and diagnosis

From handouts to business models

  • Distributed ledgers and smart contracts enable low-cost evaluation & personalized incentives
  • Pay-for-success as a mechanism to identify and scale risky new interventions